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repulsive magnetic levitation

Repulsive Magnetic Levitation Kit

Repulsive Magnetic Levitation System

This magnetic levitation system uses four electromagnets, three Hall effect sensors and a large permanent ring magnet to levitate a small permanent magnet. The repulsive force between two permanent magnets enables levitation of heavier objects with greater efficiency. The small magnet levitates indefinitely without any disturbance and it can also be forced to rotate slowly. In addition, the magnet will still levitate even when the base is tilted.

  • Features

    • Gap distance: 2 cm
    • Maximum additional weight: 250 g
    • Size: 10 cm x 10 cm x 2 cm base, 4 cm x 1 cm levitating magnet
    • Weight: 375 g base, 80 g levitating magnet
    • Power consumption: almost 0 W when the magnet levitates steadily
    • 3 Hall effect sensors (x, y and z position sensors), 1 temperature sensor, 4 electromagnets (x and y position actuators)
    • Novel MIMO controller with auto zero
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